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Flipping books

The Museum of the Americas is publishing Digital Artist Flip Books in collaboration with the European Communities Artists Library.

Linked below are some of our past published books.

ALIWEN / Felipe Vial

"Bodegones de Elena"

Soledad Burgaleta

"Una Vida en la Mirada"

Dalia Burgos Villamil

Chepe Cuadra

"Of Circles and Goddesses"

María Isabel De Lince

Samuel Escobar

"The Magic World of Samuel Eescobar"

Graciela Gomez

Mae Jeon

Gabriela Lopez Portillo

"Reflections on Oneself"

Martha Madrigal 

"Dreams and Introspection"


Romi Maegli

Raúl Oyuela

"Artistic Smoothies"

Domingo Parada Farjat

Majo Portilla

Annette Rawlings 

"Transitions in Art"



Sarah Delgado


Ferenc SEBÕK

Museum Tour

"Spectacular Emirates"

"The Mural for the Peace"

"Women in the Arts" (2022 Edition)

Please                        for more information on how to publish your own book 

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